Blessed Kunjachan

Feast Oct 16

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Kunjachan’s road goes beyond the barriers

As he walked one day Kunjachan entered in the family of a blacksmith. They had 9children.  Due to poverty and insecurity, one of them, Rajamma, has been sent to a convent by the help of Kunjachan. Then she was 12 years old. Rajamma lived several years in different convents. She got married to blacksmith. After having two children, her husband abandoned her and married another lady.  Rajamma in her miseries and sorrows used to come to Kunjachan who gave her often rice for food. Again she was married to another person in her own cast, but ended in failure.  Rajamma became very sick and while she was going to commit suicide, someone helped her and brought her to Pota Retreat Centre. She joined the ladies who were rendering service in the Centre. She was baptized and received the name Maria.

Maria Rajamma didn’t forget Kunjachan for while she was working with the Gathseman Group in the Retreat Centre, she formed a prayer group in the name of Bl.Kunjachan, and was going for witnessing Jesus by sharing her hard life of long years. Her eldest son had no children even after 9 years of their marriage. They sought the intercession of Kunajachan, and now they have two children. Maria Rajamma conducts a retreat in every three years during the time of the feast of Kunjachan, Oct.14 to 16. The last day of the retreat is a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Kunajchan. 

Blessed Kunjachan