Blessed Kunjachan

Feast Oct 16

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Delivered from Epilepsy

 Jose Sebastian Edattu, 59 years old, is a native of Chirakkadavu. At the age of 26 he was affected by epilepsy and became unable to work.  Jose was an orphan from his very early childhood for his parents were separated and both of them got remarried. He was living in his motherhouse till he got the disease, and then he became a vagabond sleeping on the floor of the shop. At times he felled down in the street and some people of good heart were taking him to the hospital. Jose was treated first in the District Hospital, Kottayam.  5years after that he had been affected by the disease, he came to Ezhachery and got married. He was still suffering from epilepsy making him fall as usual and his wife looked after him very well. Her family members took him to Kanjirappilly hospital and there he got better, but not healed.

After returning from the treatment in Kanjirappilly, Jose came every day from Ezhachry to the Tomb of Bl.Kunjachan and prayed and he was completely delivered from his disease having no more attack of its symptom . At his astonishment, he was blessed with a gift of prayer that from then people call him to their homes to pray. He prayed for them by witnessing what the Lord has done for him through Kunjachan. Since 2003 he has been continuing this mission travelling in different places even outside Kerala having his residence in Ezhachery with his wife and children. He confessed that he still takes medicine, but he finds that now the medicine is fully effective whereas before it left him in the painful condition.

Blessed Kunjachan