Blessed Kunjachan

Feast Oct 16

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Many blessings through Kunjachan

Annakutty Devasia Mundackal is always thankful to God for the blessings that she received through the intercession of Kunjachan. It was Kunjachan who baptized her parents and blessed her marriage. Annakutty received her First Holy Communion from Kunjachan.  They were about 50 students who assembled every day in the Vadyapura (a small building where the Band played their instruments for Feasts.) Kunjachan taught them Catechism and prepared them to receive the First Holy Communion. Kunjachan was so loving to the children that he gave them milk and bread at noon.

Annakutty believes that she owes to Kunjachan whatever she has. She was blessed with a husband of noble character who died a few years back. She is now supported by her three daughters who are also blessed with a fulfilling family life. She believes that her faith in the Lord and Kunjachan’s guidance, gave her the courage to strongly oppose the addictive use and selling of alcohol in her village.

Blessed Kunjachan