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Feast Oct 16

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Blessed Kunjachan Birth and Family of Kunjachan Thevarparampil

Miraculous Cure of the Club-foot  of Gilson Varghese

Gilson, son of Varghese and Elsy of Kalathil family, Adimaly, Kerala, was born on 8th August 1981. The Kalathil family belongs to St. Martin's Catholic Church of the Latin diocese of Vijayapuram. Gilson had a serious deformity on his right foot when he was born.

Let us hear the words of the parents of the boy. Varghese, the father of Gilson said:

"The right foot of my son Gilson was bent towards inside from the time of his birth. 

Not being able to lay his foot on the ground, he used to walk with the upper part of his foot. The doctor had told that his right leg needed operation."

Due to financial problems we didn't dare to perform the operation. It was Fr. Abraham Panamkatt, the parish priest at Adimaly who brought Gilson to Kunjachan's tomb at Ramapuram. He said "It is what I have directly seen, understood and experienced. 'Come, let us pray', I told him. After returning from Ramapuram, Gilson, together with the other members of the family prayed together to Kunjachan for the recovery of the clubfoot, after the daily evening prayer. Besides Gilson prayed alone everyday for the cure.

Gilson himself spoke about the instantaneous recovery happened on 25 June 1991. He spoke hilariously:

"I was recovered when I was at home. When I went to bed at night my leg was still cured. When I woke up early in the morning and stood up I saw that my right foot was completely straightened. The little inclination, which my left foot had, also been cured. I could put both my feet straight on the floor. I was very happy." It was only two or three days after his return from Ramapuram. 

Within a few days after the recovery, Gilson went to Ramapuram and reported the matter to the Vice-Postulator, Fr. Kurian Mathothu. He interviewed several persons, including the members of his family, his teachers, neighbors, doctors, parish priest and so on. After collecting first hand testimonies from the respective persons, the matter was presented of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, in Rome.

Satisfied with the documents presented, the Congregation authorized the Vice-Postulator to conduct the diocesan process regarding the miraculous cure.

Since Gilson was a member of the diocese of Vijayapuram, the diocesan Tribunal had to be set up by the Bishop  of Vijayapuram. According to the norms of Canonization, diocesan investigation on a miraculous cure must be conducted in the diocese where the miracle happened and under the Bishop of that diocese. Accordingly Dr. Peter Thurithikonam, Bishop of Vijayapuram, constituted a Tribunal in 1997, with a presiding judge, Promoter of Justice, Notary, Cursorand Medical expert. The Tribunal examined 18 persons including 6 doctors and registered their testimonies. The reports were sent to Rome in 1998.

The documents were thoroughly studied and evaluated by a group of seven doctors authorized by the Congregation. They gave their approval unanimously. Again it came before a Commission of seven Theologians. They also approved the miraculous cure. Finally a commission of Cardinalsand Bishops examined the matter. The final approval has to be made by the Pope himself.

On Monday 19th December 2005, Pope Benedict XVI authorized the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, the promulgation of the decree on the miracle attributed to Venerable Servant of God Augustine Thevarparampil (Kunjachan), thus opening the way to Beatification.

Venerable Kunjachan was Beatified by His Em. Card. Varkey Vithayathil, Major Arch Bishop of the Syro - Malabar Church on 30th April 2006 at the very same village Ramapuram where he was born, worked, died and buried. 

The feast of blessed Kunjachan is celebrated on the 16th of October every year.

Now let us pray that Blessed Kunjachan may be elevated to Sainthood in the Holy Catholic Church in the near future.

This miraculous cure was approached by the commission of doctors, theologians and cardinals in Rome. On 19th  December 2005 Pope Benedict XVI approved it and promulgated the Decree of approval.

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Blessed Kunjachan