Blessed Kunjachan

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Blessed Kunjachan Birth and Family of Kunjachan Thevarparampil

Birth and Family of Kunjachan Thevarparampil

Fr. Augustine, the Servant of God, whose parents were Itty Iype and Eliswa, was born on 1st April 1891, in Thevarparampil house, which was a branch of the ancient Kuzhumpil family. Among the five children born to those parents, Augustine was the youngest.

On the seventh day the child was baptised in the parish church, Ramapuram. It is the baptising priest who calls a baby by a name for the first time. This child was given the name Augustine, in respectful remembrance of the patron saint of the parish.

Prayerful Atmosphere in the Home

The influence exercised by the parents in giving a good character formation to the boy Augustine was great.


To the School

In those days pre primary schools such as kindergarten, nursery schools etc. were unheard of. Children in the villages were taught the alphabets and other initial matters by certain professional teachers, called ‘Ashans’, in their own schools, which were called ‘Kalaris’. The young boys and girls below five sat on the floor under a thatched roof. There were no pieces of furniture common to a class room, such as bench, desk etc. The Ashans were chiefly Hindus, and they treated all the children equally, irrespective of their religion.

In the Primary School

There was a primary school run by the Government of Travancore in the compound of Ramapuram Parish Church. The building was constructed by the Church, and then handed over to the Government.

On completion of the course in the Kalari, Augustine joined the primary school. Wearing a small cloth around the waist and holding an umbrella made of palm leaf, the boy went to the school together with his companions. He was the shortest one in his class.

At St. Ephrem’s School, Mannanam**

After completing the primary classes at Ramapuram, K.M. Augustine joined St. Ephrem’s High School at Mannanam and resided in the St. Alosyius Boarding attached to the school.

Perfect of Marian Sodality

In the boarding Augustine got the opportunity to foster the devotion to Mary, Mother of God, which he acquired from his parents.

Blessed Kunjachan