Blessed Kunjachan

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Blessed Kunjachan Kunjachan used to set out regularly in a diary his work and problems

Kunjachan's Diary

In the year 1930 - 1931 Kunjachan  wrote in a diary his work and problems everyday. The diary form 17th August 1930 to 16th August 1931 is available for perusal. A few typical extracts are given below to illustrate the actual engagements of Kunjachan.

17th August 1930 - Sunday

"Rose at half past four, went to the church at 5 morning. Heard the confession of about 40 Harijans. Eight persons were baptised. The service in the church lasted till about 1 p.m. Paid one rupee to Kunnappilly Devasia towards the purchase of two bells, a stick and a scriber. Catechist Joseph was deputed to Pizhaku to attend upon the Harijans there".

23rd August 1930 - Sunday

"Rose at four in the morning and offered mass at 6 a.m. after hearing confessions. Recited the morning prayer of the Breviary. Went for a funeral near Uzhavoor along with catechists Joseph and Xavier. Went over to Uzhavoor, Veliyannoor and other places accompanied by Joseph and Xavier"

14th August 1930 - Tuesday

"Rose at 4.15 a.m. Offered mass at 5.15. Recited the canonical morning prayers. Assisted at Raza. Heard confessions, went to Pizhaku by 11 a.m. Saw Anna and others. Christened a boy Ouseph. He was given a medal. Though we went to Manathur the parish priest was not there. Returned by 3 p.m. and had lunch. Went to the paddy fields of Kudathinal family for administering blessing against pests.

19th December 1930 - Friday

"Rose at 4.15 a.m. Offered mass at 5 a.m. Recited canonical morning prayer. Heard confessions. Went to Uzhavoor at 7 a.m. Received three members into the church. Returned at half past four. Had gone to the Uzhavoor parish church.

Had no lunch; had a tender coconut only for the day. Catechists Joseph and Ouseph of Kalppallil Nirappel were with us. On our way back, called on a sick person at Natayamchal. Paid 7 chackrams to Ouseph Kalappilly Nirappel for taking him to Uzhavoor."

3rd March 1931 - Tuesday

"Rose at 4.30 a.m. Offered mass at 5.15. Recited canonical morning prayers. Heard confessions. Reached Kurichithanam at 8 a.m. via Uzhavoor. Returned immediately as there were no priests there. Met the new Christains of the Elavumkal family. Returned here by 5 p.m. after visiting the houses of Kalappally Nirappu, Varikkanikkapadavu, Kozhikkottu. Took a tender coconut enroute for 1 Chackram".

28th April 1931 - Tuesday

"Rose at 3.45 a.m. Offered mass at 4.15. Recited Canonical prayer by 6 a.m. Went to Koodappalam, Uzhavoor Kurichithanam and other places. Received three pulaya children in the service of the Pallikkunnel family into the church. Heard the confession of Pathrose Chulivelil. Had lunch at Kurichithanam church. Had a tender coconut from Pallikkunnel. Returned by 6 p.m."...........

Blessed Kunjachan